About Us

Our company takes a proactive approach to your personal or corporate brand by actively shaping your online reputation.  At Digital Legacy, we leverage technology, data analytics, insights, and strategic solutions to drive tangible results to optimize your return on investment. Our clients have peace of mind knowing,  that our team with decades of experience, will will always fight for their digital reputation. We promote the good, repair or mitigate any outstanding negative content, and further your digital footprint through proactive strategies.

Drawing on the niche expertise of our expert consultants from a range of sectors, including healthcare operations, real estate, investment banking, technology, and digital marketing, we offer a variety of custom solutions to actively manage and influence online reputations. Digital Legacy has access to hundreds of reporters, writers, and content syndication networks globally. Our experienced management team will sit down with you and strategize about the best tactics to deliver the most accretive results possible. We offer growth packages for those clients with minimal digital footprints that wish to conceptualize their accomplishments and expand their personal or business online profiles, as well as clients  that seek defensive strategies to help repair and monitor their impaired digital profile.

Entrepreneurs who aren’t taking an aggressive approach to managing their reputation online could be setting themselves up for costly problems.

Strategic Partnerships