Digital Legacy employs the highest caliber talent so that we can offer custom tailored packages that fit our high end clientele’s every needs. In today’s digital age, regardless of your profession, you must positively grow and monitor your digital footprint.  To stay ahead of the pack in today’s hyper-competitive job market, you must differentiate yourself to establish professional and personal credibility. The very first thing that a businessman, client, patient, investor, college admissions officer does is “Google” that individual’s online reputation.  The immediate perception of that individual is formed by that initial search process. It only takes one photo, article, lawsuit, social media posting, or text message to destroy your entire career and reputation. At Digital Legacy, we offer both growth packages for those clients with minimal digital footprints that wish to expand their personal or business online profiles and defense packages that repair and monitor your impaired digital profile.

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Press Generation

At Digital Legacy, we work directly with you to understand your deliverables. Our veteran staff has direct access to the world’s largest and most prestigious media platforms,  reporters,  and industry specific websites.  If you need press or website hyperlink generation, our team will certainly accomplish your goals.


Digital Audits

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your entire digital footprint. Our trained experts work systematically to scrape the internet to identify, repair, and strengthen your online digital legacy – before a problem arises. Our digital audit will provide reports, recommendations, and solution implementation of your: social media accounts, Google links & images, cell phone texts, and personal & business emails. Why wait for a problem to develop tomorrow when you can fix that negative link and image today.


Wikipedia Profile Creation

What is your legacy? Attaining a Wikipedia profile represents the epitome acknowledgement of your lifelong digital accomplishments. Having a profile signals to the public instant credibility, success, and stature. To be “Wikipediable” is no easy task – otherwise everyone would have an account. Our experts help formulate and inscribe your digital legacy “into the books” for present and future generations to view. We amalgamate years of your accomplishments and help navigate the highly selective approval process through detailed strategic campaigning. Our Wikipedia profile experts are trained to get accomplished individuals the recognition they deserve.


Content Management

Digital Legacy’s veteran management team has founded and successfully exited premier media platforms that have generated tens of thousands of high-quality articles. Our content production capabilities can be applied to any project that demands writing. Some examples of the types of projects that our writers are fully trained to develop are: article generation, custom business plans, website structuring, blogging, & executive resume creation. The premium quality of our final products are essential to our clients, which is why our writers are U.S. Ivy League or Tier 1 University graduates.


Reputation Management

Your reputation is the most important currency in today’s digital environment. If your online profile is limited, some might view you as not accomplished or credible. If there are negative articles floating around, that could destroy decades of work and accolades in a field. At Digital Legacy, we strengthen our client’s digital profiles with our content generation capabilities, our networks, and our digital specialists. We help craft or rebuild your public image, develop it, and then maintain it.


Resume & Linkedin Creation

First impressions count. A misformatted, sloppy, or erroneous resume could  have negative repercussions during job interviews. At Digital Legacy, we pride ourselves on our employee’s top notch backgrounds. Allow our team of investment bankers, top consultants, and industry-specific professionals to consolidate your accomplishments and create an effective formatted resume & Linkedin profile.


Social Media Management

Looking to increase your social media followers? Need someone to manage the online postings for your business? At Digital Legacy our founders have created  VC backed media platforms that have had  generated millions of users.  We accomplished this organically because we know that “black hat” social media gimmicks do not generate long term success.  Our team works directly with you to strategize on organic tactics to accomplish your metrics within your budget constraints.


Digital Crisis Management

Is there a bad image of you floating around? How about a lawsuit or pernicious linked article that keeps appearing on page 1 of your Google searched page results?  It does not matter if you are under a negative media blitz or have these static liabilities, it is essential to alleviate these problems before they metastasize. Our team will help you either remove these digital liabilities completely, help dilute and to minimize their negative impacts, and assist in your re-branding efforts.


Custom Business Plans

Every entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, businessman has had at least once an idea for a business.  However, it takes time and resources to understand the risks, capital required, profit margins, and feasibility of undertaking a venture. Creating a premium business plan is an essential component for fundraising.  Typographical errors or misinformation can destroy a pitch and the entrepreneur’s credibility on the spot. Allow our team of Fortune 500 investment bankers, consultants, and Ivy League graduates,  to create for you the best formatted, analytical, and precise business plans out there.