Why Hire Experts

Your online reputation is priceless. At Digital Legacy, our trained experts work systematically to scrape the internet to identify, repair, and strengthen your online digital legacy – before a problem arises. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your entire digital footprint.   Our specialists have been in the writing business for generations.  If you have a personal or business campaign that needs online exposure, Digital Legacy is the premium digital press generator. Digital Legacy has access to hundreds of reporters, writers, and content syndication networks globally. Our experienced management team will sit down with you and strategize about the best tactics to deliver the most accretive results possible. Digital Legacy’s custom audit will provide reports, recommendations, and solution implementation of your: social media accounts, Google links & images, cell phone texts, and personal & business emails.  Why wait for a problem to develop tomorrow when you can fix that negative link and image today.


Digital Legacy maintains strict professional and educational standards for those experts that make up our team.  With a dedicated commitment and belief in the value of strong academic pedigrees, we work exclusively with accomplished Ivy League (or Tier 1) university graduates, many of whom hold advanced degrees and professional achievements that span academia, medicine, government, entertainment, and law.  We maintain strong working relationships with many of the country’s leading educational institutions through alumni organizations, advisory boards, admissions offices, and alumni networks.  If you want quality, don’t trust your reputation to outsourced-foreign-marketing firms or automated software-solutions.


At Digital Legacy, our extensive network provides our clients with unique access to diverse and highly accomplished experts and consultants, typically with senior level management experience at top digital agencies, leading investment banks, law firms, and medical groups throughout the globe. We have developed a unique agency-business model that aligns our clients with the most entrepreneurial and innovative talent in order to drive competitive advantage across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our consultants have work histories with the top global consulting firms and have been trained by Fortune 500 companies.